The Examiner May 3 2013


By Emily Baker

May 3, 2013

Juliane Di Sisto, of Legana, is grateful for the experience she gained on The Voice. Picture: GEOFF ROBSON


Now that The Voice contestant Juliane Di Sisto has returned to Tasmania it’s time to look to the future and ”add more flavour”.


”Life’s a journey, I’ll keep adding new elements and flavour to the pot,” the soul-funk singer said.

The Legana resident left the competition on Monday night after singing against teammate Simon Meli.

The pair was pitted against each other singing the Black Crowes’ version of Otis Redding’s Hard to Handle .

Di Sisto said despite leaving the show before the end she felt ”really good”.

”I’ve managed to walk away with a lot of experience and I can’t complain about that,” Di Sisto said.

The show had her under the musical tuition of pop singer Ricky Martin who chose her for his team after a rendition of Basement Jaxx’s Good Luck .

She said his advice had been invaluable.

”I learnt a lot. Ricky told us to be strong in our own skin.”

Di Sisto has been singing and playing piano since she was a child and had dabbled in musical theatre, rock and jazz.

It is experience that had seen her teach singing as well as perform in duos and bands.

”You have different vibes [performing] for different places – sometimes it’s chilled out, other times it’s a job and sometimes the vibe is `it’s not happening tonight’, and you take what you can from it,” she said.

Performing for television was different again: ”It’s an adrenalin rush, a `let’s do that again’.”

Coming home was a change, she said, and support she had received Australia-wide had been ”phenomenal”.


Tasmanians had taken a particular shine to the singer. Since returning home she had visited her old primary school as show and tell and been recognised while out with friends.

Di Sisto said the future would see her on the path of working on her own material.

”I’m working on a product to have out at the end of the year.”